Traditional hand thrown pots

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Lifting pot from wheel

Decorating pot

Harvest Jug with scenes from the  Luteral Psalter


Harvest Jug with Sun, Pheasant and Owl


Harvest Jug with Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest, Sun and Moon

Height 15.5"


Harvest jug with Shakespeare`s  "Spring"


Harvest jug with Shakespeare`s  "Winter"


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Jugs are not made on commission but

" when inspiration strikes".

Prices for unsold jugs on application but range from £200 for small jugs to £1500 for large ones.

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Harvest jug with potter

Height 14.5"

Price £800

Harvest Jug with sun, Bacchus and Bacchante

Height 11.5"

Price £450

Small harvest jugs with Sun, Bacchus, Bacchante and green man

Height 7"



All doggerel on these wares is by the potter`s own fair hand.


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Beer jar  Fox startling pheasants.  16"


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Sun, Bacchus and Bacchante