Traditional hand thrown pots

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3 Handled Tyg Boarstall puzzle jug Toft Dish,   Pelican Toft Dish,  Coat of Arms Dutch Curfew Dutch cockerel bowl Posset pot Saintonage Chaffing dish Scarborough Knight Jug Staffs Porringers Staffs. Ladies posset Staffs. Pancheon Staffs. Posset Staffs. Slipfeathered posset Surrey  3 legged pipkin Toft Cat jug Surrey 2 handled tyg Surrey Cauldron Surrey Jug large Surrey Jug small Surrey Lobed cup Toft Dish,  Lion Surrey beaker Surrey half pint jug CSurrey candlestick Tall Wakefield salt figurines Wakefield Chaffing dish Wakefield Pipkin Wrotham Tyg Wakefield tankard

Staffs. Porringers

Height 2.75"

Price £6 and £8

Late C17

2 handled Tyg

Height 7.5"

Price £8

Mid C17


3 handled Tyg

Height 4"

Price £5

Late C17

Wakefield Salt Figurines

Height 4"

Price £45


Scarborough Knight

Jug .Late C13

Height 17.5"

Price £400

Boarstall  Puzzle

jug.  Mid C13.

Height 12"

Price £200

Dutch Curfew

dated 1607

Height 16"

Price £450

Staffs. Pancheon

Height 7"

Pice £40


Dutch Cockerel


Height 3"

Price £10

Late C16 - C17



2 Pints

Price £15

Wrotham Tyg

Height 6.5"

Price £200

Speckled Posset pot

2 pints

Price £40

Late C17 - C18

Staffs. Posset pot

4  pints

Price £120

late C17

Staffs. Ladies posset pot

Half pint

Price £40

Late C17

Staffs. Slip feathered

posset pot

2 pints

Price £40

Late C17 - C18

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Saintonge Chaffing Dish.  Height 6.5"

Price  £30

Frying pan to fit  £7




Wakefield chaffing dish

Height  7"

Price  £25

Frying pan to fit £7



Wakefield Pipkin

Height 6.5"

Price £25


Surrey 3 legged

Pipkin. Height 9"

Price £40


Toft Dish: Coat of Arms.

Rim diam 28"

Price £500      C17

Replica of Thomas Toft

Surrey couldron

Height  10.5"

Price £50


Toft Owl Jugs

Height 9"

Price  £250


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Toft Cat Jug

Height 6"

Price  £35


Toft Dish:  Pelican

Rim  diam 17"

Price  £350

Replica of Thomas Toft C17

Toft Dish: Lion

Rim diam 17"

Price £350

Replica of Thomas Toft


Surrey beaker

Height 4.5"

Price £4   C16

Surrey jug small

Height 7"

Price £15

C15 - 16

Surrey Mug/ jug

Half pint  C16

Price  £4


Surrey 2 handled tyg

Height  4"

Price  £5  C16

Surrey lobed cup

Height 3"

Price  £10    C16


Surrey Jug large

Height 9"

Price £35

Surrey Candlestick

Tall Height 11"

Price  £40   C16


Reproduction wares from most periods and areas can be made.   This is  a small selection of the wares produced.  Enquiries for specific pieces are welcome.


All wares are hand thrown and sizes may vary slightly.

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Staffs Posset pot

3 pints

Price £100

Late C17


Werra style Dish

Diam 13"

Price £100

Early C17

DSC_0001 219 218

Toft Dish:

Catherine of Braganza

Diam 16"

Price £250

Toft Dish:Fleur  de Lys

Diam 16"

Price 250

DSC_3720 DSC_3703 DSC_3704 DSC_3699

Surrey  Mid C16 - C17

Price £10..

Staffs late C17thJug

Height 6"

Price £25  

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DSC_3697 DSC_3698

Tudor jug

Height 6"

Price £10


Staffs late C17 cups

Height 3-4"

Price £8

Thoas Toft

Adam and Eve Dish

Approx 21"

Price £500

Staffs Tankard

Late C17th

Price £35

DSC_4418 (2)

Scarborough Ram-aquamanile


Length 14ins. Height 9ins.

Price £275

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