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John Hudson was trained at St. Paul's Teacher Training College, Cheltenham (1965-68) and has taught at St. John Fisher Roman Catholic School, Dewsbury (Head of Department 1968-73).He is a long term member of the Medieval Pottery Research Group, (over 25 years), serving on its council for more than 13










JohnPotter potAtWork plate

Using a momentum- wheel at Barley Hall York

Throwing in the workshop

As from Easter 2017 he will have been potting for a total of 54 years and making reproduction pottery for over 40

Besides the extensive research capability  membership of the  of the Medieval Pottery Research  Group affords, he possesses an extensive library of books and periodicals on European historical ceramics, their production and distribution, ranging from prehistory to modern times.

This ensures complete accuracy of his work in reproducing pieces for museums, re-enactors, restored properties etc.

John has exhibited at the International Ceramics Symposium at Faenza, Italy in 1980 and has worked and exhibited at the Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition at Sabae, to which he was invited in 1995.


He has made tea ceremony wares for Ura Senke Tea-Foundation of Kyoto, Japan and items for Colonial Williamsburg, USA and the Walraversijde Museum, Belgium.

He is  often invited by members of the MPRG  and other Archaeological Units to visit  excavated pottery production sites to comment on kilns, clays and wares.  In this capacity he has appeared on Time  Team and Meet the Ancestors.


As  a long standing member of The Leeds Symposium on Food History he has demonstrated the use of ceramic vessels on an open fire in Britain, Europe and the USA.


028 - Copy Hudson 26 Hudson 77

Throwing on the momentum wheel

Lifting a medium sized pancheon from the wheel

Holding an original Toft owl jug body

John would like it to be known that he is not a studio-potter but works in the traditon of the English Country-Potter. Also that the slip-wares he produces are EARTHENWARE and not stoneware as often erroniously stated on other sites to be found on the internet

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