Traditional hand thrown pots

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His pottery is a simple breeze block structure situated at Mirfield in the Calder Valley and stands on the lower coal measures of West Yorkshire. The coal measures' clay, known locally as 'Toff' or 'Tough Tom' because of its good qualities, is used for all red wares.

This is dug and then processed by washing, sieving, drying out in the sunpan  and pugging on site. See pictures below.

The glazed pieces all have modern, safe, fritted lead-glazes and are fired once as per tradition. These have all been tested and passed with flying colours, however casserole dishes and beer jars have leadless glazes on the inside as an extra safety-measure.


General view of pottery


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Rear view of pottery

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Digging clay

Clay in sun pan ready for final drying

Clay being removed from final drying blocks prior to pugging

Bonfire firing German style Prehistoric pots. Early stage

Bonfire firing final stage