Hudson Claypotter
No other craft is on a par, we make our wares of what we are. The only truth in which to trust, we, like they, are made from dust. So think on that when this you see, and that all my works will outlast me.

Calder Valley Wares

Because all pieces are hand thrown sizes will always vary slightly.


Tiered Money Boxes

Puzzle Jug

One Pound Bowl

Egg Cup

Thee Pound Bowl

Butter Dish

Egg Holder

Salt Kit


Tea Pot

Thistle Mug

Half Pint & One Pint Mug

Lasagne Dish

Three Pint Casserole

Bellied Storage Jar

Baking Bowls Pancheons

Flour Crock

Straight Bread Crock

Bread Crock

All work John Hudson

tel: 01924 492507


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